Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: Twister Alley: Dance
Counts: 34

1&2  Right Kick-Ball-Change
3&4  Right Kick-Ball-Change
5-8  Step forward with right foot pivoting 1/4 to the left,
  stomp right, stomp left.
9&10  Left Kick-Ball-Change
11&12  Left Kick-Ball-Change
13-16  Step forward with left foot pivoting 1/4 to the
  right, stomp left, stomp right.
17-20  Shuffle forward, Right, Left, Right Step forward
  with left and pivot 1/2 to the right.
21-24  Shuffle forward, Left, Right, Left. Step forward
  with the right and pivot 1/2 to the left.
25-32  Shuffle forward, Right, Left, Right. Step forward
  on the left and rock back on the right making a 1-1/4 turn
  rolling vine. (You should be facing the wall that was to your left.)
33-34  Hop forward with both feet. Clap.
Begin again. 

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