Choreographed by: Tina Marchant of Capital Country WDC. London
Music: Brooks & Dunn: If That's The Way You Want It
The Tractors: Trying To Get To New Orleans
Type: An easy 4 wall 24 beat line dance
Prepared by: Bob Jupp

1-4  Touch right heel in front, back in place, Touch left heel in front, back in place,
5-8  Repeat steps 1-4,
9-12  Fan right toes to right, back in place, fan left toes to left, back in place,
13-16  Pigeon toes twice, (split heels),
17-20  Step right on right, cross left behind right, step right on right,
  kick left across across front of right & clap,
21-24  Step left on left, cross right behind left,
  step left on left while turning a quarter left, stomp right.
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