Choreographed by: Robyn Buller
Music: Brooks & Dunn: Tequilla Town
Alan Jackson: Tequilla Sunrise
Counts: 36
Type: 2 wall Line Dance

1-2  Rock step R over L, Step L to the side
3&4  Cha cha cha ( R - L - R ) travelling slightly to the right
5-6  Rock step L over R, Step R to side
7&8  Cha cha cha ( L - R - L ) travelling slightly to the left
9-10  Rock fwd R over L, Rock back on L
11&12  Pivot 180 deg right cha cha cha-ing R - L - R
13-14  Step fwd on L, drag R foot fwd to small hitch
15&16  ( small ) Shuffle bwds R - L - R
17-18  Step bwds onto L turning 180 deg to L, scuff R foot thru fwd
19&20  Scuff R foot over L ( hook ), Scuff R in front of L, Scuff R next to L
21&22  Shuffle R diagonally R - L - R
23-24  Rock L over R, Rock back on R
25&26  Shuffle diagonally backwards, turning 180 deg to L ( L - R - L )
27-28  Step fwd on R, Scuff L next to R....hitching slightly
29&30  Rock L over R, Rock onto R, Rock L over R
31&32  Rock R over L, Rock onto L, Rock R over L
33-34  Scuff L next to R, Step fwd on L
35&36  Scuff R fwd, scuff R back, scuff R fwd

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