Choreographed by: (unknown)
Counts: 28

1  Heels swivels Left.
2  Heels center.
3  Heel swivels Right.
4  Heels center.
5-6  Wiggle down.
7-8  Wiggle up.
9  Right heel tap forward.
10  Right heel tap forward.
11  Right toe tap backward.
12  Right toe tap backward.
13  Step Right foot diagonally forward.
14  Drag Left foot to Right.
15  Step Right foot forward.
16  Scuff Left foot turning 1/2 turn Right (Opposite Wall).
17  Step Left foot diagonally forward.
18  Drag Right foot to Left.
19  Step Left foot forward.
20  Scuff Right foot.
21-24  Vine Right and scuff turning 1/2 turn Right (to Front Wall).
25-28  Vine Left and stomp.
Start over to same wall.

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