SWAY - 2

Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: Reba McEntire: It's Your Call (84)
Counts: 20
Type: A Stroll Dance for Couples - Beginner

Position: Lady faces the outside of the floor with her hands raised at her shoulders, heels
together. Gentleman stands behind her with his hands holding hers, heels together. Alternative
position would have the gentleman wrapping his arms slightly around the lady with the hands
being held slightly in front of the lady's body
Comments: This is called Sway - 2 simply to designate it as a different dance from the other
Sway dances listed. This version includes the hard to maintain balance 1 1/2 turn for the men.
Standard steps for gentleman and lady are identical.
1  Left foot step left
2  Right toe touch to close to Left foot
3  Right foot step right
4  Left toe touch to close to Right foot
5  Left foot step left
6  Right toe touch to close to Left foot
7  Right foot step to the right with a 1/4 turn CW. Arms move to reverse
  promenade position
8  Left foot kick straight forward into low kick (moving from the hip)
9  Left foot step backward
10  Right foot step backward
11  Left foot step backward in 3/4 turn CCW and drop Right hands
12  Right foot step right and regrasp Right hands
13  Left foot step behind Right leg to the right
14  Right foot step to right
15  Left foot step in front of Right leg to right
16  Right foot step right and drop Left hands
17  Left foot step to right 1/2 turn CW
18  Right foot step 1/2 turn CW
19  Left foot step to right 1/2 turn CW
20  Right foot step to close to Left foot
One favorite variation is an 18 count first pattern, dropping counts 15-16 above, followed by a
16 count pattern to the end, by dropping counts 1-2 on the repeats. This uses both Option 1 and
2 below.
Option 1: Some couples find it easier to balance by omitting counts 15-16.
Option 2: Some couples eliminate counts 1-2 on all repeats.

Also in the book 'Country Line Dance Collection' by Jorma Leitzinger Jr

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