Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: Marty Stuart: This One's Gonna Hurt You
Brooks & Dunn: Lost & Found
Patty Loveless: Jealous Bone
Counts: 36

1  Step to right with right foot.
2  Touch left toe behind.
3  Touch left heel in front at a 45* angle.
4-5  Shuffle to the left.
6  Touch right toe behind.
7  Touch right heel to the front at a 45* angle.
8-9  Shuffle right.
10-11  Cha cha step to the right.
12-13  Shuffle left.
14-15  Cha cha step to the left.
16  Step back to center with right foot.
17  Hitch left.
18  Hitch right.
19  Hitch left.
20-21  Left kick-ball-change.
22  Hitch left.
23  Hitch right.
24  Hitch left.
25  Hitch right.
26-27  Right kick-ball-change.
28  Hitch right.
29-30  Shuffle to the right.
31  Touch left toe behind.
32  Touch left heel in front at a 45* angle.
33-36  Vine left with a 1/4 turn to the left. (At the same time switch weight to left foot with a clap.)
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