Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: Neal McCoy: Wink
Shania Twain: Any Man of Mine
Counts: 32

Fans & Fan Around
1-4  Keeping Right Heel on floor, turn Right Toes out and back, out and back
5-6  Keeping Left Heel on floor, turn Left Toes out and back
7  Turn Left Toes out. {Change weight to ball of Left Foot and turn 1/2 Left}
8  Right Foot step side
1  Left Foot step next to Right Foot
2   Right Foot kick diagonally across Left Leg
3  Right Foot step next to Left Foot
4  Left Toes touch diagonally in back of Right Foot
Basic Left and Right
1-4  Basic Left and touch
5-8  Basic Right and touch
Pivot Turn 1/2, Pivot turn 1/4
1-2  Pivot turn 1/2 Right (L-R)
3-4  Pivot turn 1/4 Right (L-R)
Heel Tap and Knee Lift; Repeat
1  Left Heel tap forward
2  Left Knee lift
3  Left Heel tap forward
4  Left Knee lift
Forward Rock, Step & Stomp
1-2  Forward rock-recover (L-R)
3  Left Foot step forward
4  Right Foot stomp next to Left Foot
Repeat Dance.

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