Choreographed by: Jeannie Woolman
Music: Kentucky Headhunters: Smooth
Tanya Tucker: Some Kind of Trouble
Counts: 32

Notes: Dance begins by forming the letter "L" with each foot.
1-4  R toe forward, R toe next to L, R toe to R side, R step next to L
5-8  L toe forward, L toe next to R, L toe to L side, L tap next to R
9-12  Vine L (LRL), brush R
13-16  Vine R (RLR), brush L
17-20  L foot forward, lock step R (R behind L), L foot forward, brush R
21-24  R foot forward, lock step L (L behind R), R foot forward, brush L
25-28  Vine L (LRL), pivot 1/4 turn L, stomp R
29-30  With feet together, swivel heels R, swivel heels C
31-32  With feet together, swivel heels L, swivel heels C
Begin Again.

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