Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: Dwight Yoakam: Fast as You
Counts: 48

1-8  Right vine with 5 shuffles (LF, RT, LF, RT, LF).
1-8  Left vine with 5 shuffles (RT, LF, RT, LF, RT).
1-4  Right vine ending with 1/2 right pivot.
5-8  Right vine with 1/2 right turn.
1-4  Right triple step back, left triple step back.
5-8  Right - left strut forward.
1-2  Step right forward into 1/2 left pivot.
3-4  Step right forward into 1/4 left turn.
5-8  Right rock step forward, back.
1-4  Right rock step forward, back.
5-8  4 prissy steps forward (RT, LT, RT, LF).
Begin Again.

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