Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: Collin Raye: I Want You Bad (and That Ain't Good)
Counts: 24

Start facing the same direction
1  (twist on left) R heel forward in an angle
2  touch R together
3  heel R forward
4  touch R together
5  step R to side
6  cross L behind
7  step R to side
8  scuff L
9  rock L forward
10  step/rock R back
11  rock L forward
12  scuff R & 1/2 turn c.c/w
13  rock R forward
14  rock L back
15  rock R forward
16  scuff L
17  step L in place
18  step R in place
19  step L in place
20  hold this beat
21  swivel heels to left
22  swivel heels to centre
23  swivel heels to left
24  swivel heels to centre
repeat steps 

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