Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: Mary Chappin Carpenter: Shut Up and Kiss Me
Counts: 28

1-2  Step forward on right, step forward on left
3-4  Step forward on right, kick out with left
5-6  Step back on left, step back on right
7-8  Step back on left, tap back with right toe
9-10  Step right making 1/4 turn right, touch left foot together
11-14  Left step full turn to the left (three steps), right stomp
15-18  Right step full turn to the right (three steps), left stomp
19-20  Left forward shuffle (left-right-left)
21-22  Right backward shuffle (right-left-right)
23-24  Rock ahead on left, rock back on right
25  Rock forward on left with 1/4 turn left
26-27  Right step making 1/2 turn left
28  Scoot on left with right knee up
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