Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: Greg Holland: Let Me Drive
Travis Tritt: Lord, Have Mercy on the Workin' Man
Counts: 32

1-3  Touch R toe: forward, in, out to side
4  Step R
5-8  REVERSE counts 1-4
9-10  Touch R toe forward, drop R heel
11-12  Touch L toe diagonally back to left, drop L heel
13-16  Right foot remains forward: rock front, back, front, back
17  Tap R heel forward
18  Jump to change weight/tap L heel forward
19  Jump to change weight/tap R heel forward
20  Clap
21-22  Grape vine R (Step R to side, cross L in back,
23-24  Step R to side/turning 1/4 R); brush L
25  Step L far out to side
26-27  Let R toe slide to meet Left foot (& shimmy shoulders)
28  Stomp R next to L
29-31  REVERSE counts 25-27
32  Step L

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