Choreographed by: Bill Bader
Music: Vince Gill (Maverick Soundtrack): Ophelia
Vince Gill & Reba McEntire: Oklahoma Swing
C&C Music Factory: Gonna' Make You Sweat
Counts: 64

Kick, Kick, Coaster Step (Back, Together, Forward): First Right, Then Left
1-2  Kick right forward twice
3&4  Coaster: Step right back, step left beside right, step right forward
5-6  Kick left forward twice
7&8  Coaster: Step left back, step right beside left, step left forward
Turn-Hitch, Push Forward-Forward, Turn-Hitch, Push Forward, Forward
&  Raise right knee and turn diagonally left to face 10:00-10:30
9-10  Step right forward with toe to 10:00-10:30 and push hips to forward/right twice
&  Raise left knee and turn diagonally right to face 1:30-2:00
11-12  Step left forward with toe to 1:30-2:00 and push hips to forward/left twice
Kick, Ball/Sway, Sway Right, Sway Left
13  Kick right forward (reminder: facing diagonally so kick is toward 1:30)
&  Step toe/ball of right behind left heel and to right
14  Sway hips to left turning slightly to the right to face original 3:00 wall
15-16  Sway hips to right, then to left. During all three sways, bend knees strongly.
Note: Current facing direction (original 3:00 wall) will now be new 12:00.
Vine Right, Right Touch Twice: X2, Vine Left, Heel Touches Left-Right
17-18&  Sidestep right, cross-step left behind right, sidestep right with toe to 10:30
19-20  Touch left heel diagonal forward/left twice
21-22&  Sidestep left, cross-step right behind left, sidestep left with toe to 1:30
23&  Touch right heel diagonal forward/right, step right beside left
24&  Touch left heel diagonal forward/left, step left beside right
25-32&  Repeat 17-24&
Three Right Touches, Cross-Step, Three Left Touches, Cross-Step: x2
33  Facing front, touch right toe slightly back of right side (approx. 4:00)
34  Touch right heel diagonally forward/right (approx. 2:00)
35  Touch right heel across front of left to diagonal forward/left (approx. 11:00)
36  Cross-step right across front of left to approx 9:30-10:00 with toe to 12:00
37  Touch left toe slightly back of left side (approx. 8:00)
38  Touch left heel diagonally forward/left (approx. 10:00)
39  Touch left heel across front of right to diagonal forward/right (approx. 1:00)
40  Cross-step left across front of right to approx 2:00-2:30 with toe to 12:00
41-48  Repeat 33-40. Option: Throughout this section the anchor foot may gradually turn in
  response to crossing action of opposite leg.
Four Serpentines Backward: Step Back, Touch Back, 1/4 Pivot, Kick (End Swivels)
49  Step right diagonally back/left (moving toward 7:30, toe to 1:30)
50  Step left toe/ball backward (moving toward 7:30, toe to 1:30)
51  Pivot 1/4 left switching weight to right: turn on toe/balls of both feet 1/4 left to face 10:30
  ending with right heel down
52  Kick left forward toward 10:30
53  Step left diagonally back/right (moving toward 4:30, toe to 10:30)
54  Step right toe/ball backward (moving toward 4:30, toe to 10:30)
55  Pivot 1/4 right switching weight to left: turn on toe/balls of both feet 1/4 right to face 1:30
  ending with left heel down.
56  Kick right forward toward 1:30
57-62  Repeat 49-54
63-64  Swivel both heels to left diagonal (7:30), then center (heels at 6:00)

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