Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: Ray Kennedy: No Way Jose'
Counts: 28

1-4  R heel, R toe touch, R heel, R together
5-8  L heel, L toe touch, L heel, L together
9-12  R heel, R together, L heel, L together
13-14  Shake R foot forward 2X
15-17  Take 3 steps backward (RLR)
18-19  L step forward, stomp at an angle
20-23  Louie, Louie
  (L foot in front of R foot with heels in and toes out (3rd position). Move heels out
  simultaneously and return.)
24-25  L step forward, pivot 1/2 turn R
26-28  Take 3 steps forward heel/toe (LRL)
Begin Again.

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