Choreographed by: Cindy Truelove
Music: Cowboy Boogie Band: Moo Cow Boogie
Counts: 32
Type: 2 Wall Beginner Line Dance

Music: Great for fast songs - originally choreographed to Moo Cow Boogie by the Cowboy
Boogie Band, but the song is impossible to get.. so dance it to whatever takes your fancy.
Great beginner dance for split floors.
1-4  Touch R heel fwd at 45 degrees, Step R beside L, Stomp L twice
5-8  Touch L heel fwd at 45 degrees, Step L beside R, Stomp R twice
1-4  Vine to right stepping R to side, Cross L behind, Step R to side, Scuff L besdie R
5-8  Vine to left stepping L to side, Cross R behind, Step L to side, Place R beside L
1-4  Travelling twist to right moving heels right, then toes right, then heels right, then toes right
5-8  Travelling twist to left moving toes to left, then heels left, then toes left, straighten heels
1-3  Step R fwd, Slide/Cross L behind, Step R fwd
4  Raise L knee and turn 1/2 right
5-7  Step L fwd, Slide/Cross R behind, Step L fwd
8  Stomp R beside L

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