Choreographed by: (unknown)
Counts: 0

1-4  R-L-R-L toe touches to side and together
5-8  R heel taps fwd twise- toe touches back twice
9-12  R heel fwd- touch to side- back- to side
13-16  slap inside of R heel with L hand- toe to side
17-18  repeat 3 times
  (slap-side-slap-side-slap-slap with R hand the outer side of heel turning 1/4 c/w)
19-22  R step side- L behind- R step side- L scuff
23-26  L step side- R behind- L step side- R scuff
27-30  step back L- step back R- step back L- step back R
31-34  step L fwd- R drag together- L step fwd- R drag in
35-38  swivel heels to R- centre- L- centre
repeat steps

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