Choreographed by: Andy Hasemeier
Music: Dennis F. Tomorsky: Line Dance Lady
Dennis F. Tomorsky: Not This Time
Joe Diffie: Honkey Tonk Attitude
Counts: 74

Right Heel Work
1-2  Place right heel out in front. Bring right toe next to left heel.
3-4  Place right heel out in front. Dig right heel.
Left Heel Work
5-6  Switch left heel out in front. Bring left toe next to right heel.
7-8  Place left heel out in front. Dig left heel.
Right Vine with Touch Weight is on right foot, shift weight to left toe and hop out on right foot.
The count will start with &1 or &9, continue with the vine as follows:
&9-12  Hop out on right. Left behind right. Step out on right. Touch left next to right.
Turning Left Vine with Stomp
13-14  Step left. Pivot 1/2 turn to left (face back wall), step down with right.
15-16  Pivot 1/2 turn to left (face front wall), step down with left. Stomp right.
Left and Right Shoulder Rolls
17-20  Roll left shoulder back (2 counts). Roll right shoulder back (2 counts).
The Twist
21-24  Twist down right, left. Twist up right, left.
Baseball Diamond Figure (start at home plate)
25-30  Diagonal forward to 1st base. Shuffle right. Shuffle left.
31-36  Diagonal backward to 2nd base. Shuffle right. Shuffle left.
37-42  Diagonal forward to 3rd base. Shuffle right. Shuffle left.
43-48  Straight backward to home plate. Shuffle right. Shuffle left.
Dig Right Heel Forward
49-52  Right heel, heel, heel, heel.
Dig Left Heel Forward
53-56  Left heel, heel, heel, heel.
Alternating Heel Hops
57-60  Hop right heel. Hop left heel. Hop right heel. Clap.
Hip Bumps and Grinds
61-62  Bump right hip forward (2 times).
63-64  Bump left hip backward (2 times).
65-66  Grind right hip forward (2 times).
Turning Jazz Box, Brush, Stomp (Weight is on the left foot)
67  Step right foot over left, turning a 1/4 to the left.
68-69  Pick up left foot and slap with left hand. Step down on left.
70  Pick up right foot and slap with right hand.
71-72  Brush right foot forward, brush right foot back.
73-74  Stomp right foot. Stomp left foot.
Begin Again.

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