Choreographed by: Louise Hodson
Music: Mickey Gilley: Jingle Bell Rock
Counts: 32
Type: 4 Wall Dance

16 count intro.after the talking
1-8  Right foot .-- heel step,left heel step, right toe out to the right
  and back home. left to out to the left side and back home.
9-16  Right foot.---two heels to the front, two toe's to the back,heel
  to the front,toe to the back, toe to the side,hit
  right foot with left hand turning 1/4 left.
17-24  Vine right,vine left turning 1/4 left,scuff right foot.
25-32  Walk back R.L.R.touch left,
  Go forward step left,slide right to left heel,step left,stomp right,
Start over

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