Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: Technotronics: Pump Up The Jam
Counts: 24

1-2  Right Touch To Side, Right Touch Together,
3-4  Right Step To Side, Left Slide Together
5-6  Left Touch Side, Left Touch Together
7-8  Left Step To Side, Right Slide Together
9-10  Right Heel, Heel (Right Heel Touch Forward Twice)
11-12  Right Toe, Toe (Right Toe Touch Back Twice)
13-14  Right Heel Touch Forward, Right Toe Touch Back
15-16  Right Step Across Left, Left Touch To Side
17-18  Left Step Across Right, Right Touch To Side 
21-24  Jazz Box W/1/4 Turn Right And Hop
(21) Right Step Across Left
(22) Left Step Back & Turn 1/4 To Right
(23) Right Together
(24) With Both Feet Hop Forward

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