Choreographed by: Max Perry (6/98)
Music: Pete Andrew: How Long
Counts: 32
Type: 4 wall Beg. Line Dance

Forward Shuffle, 1/2 Turn, Forward Shuffle, 1/2 Turn
1&2  Right Shuffle Forward (R,L,R)
3,4  Step Left forward & turn 1/2 right, Step Right in place
5&6  Left Shuffle Forward (L,R,L)
7,8  Step Right forward & turn 1/2 left, Step Left in place
Touch Right, Hold, Touch Left, Hold
1,2  Touch Right toe to right side, Hold
&3,4  Quickly step Right next to Left (&), Touch Left toe to left side, Hold
Touch,Touch,Coaster Step, Touch,Touch,Coaster Step
&5,6  Quickly step Left next to Right (&), Touch Right heel forward twice (5,6)
7&8  Step Right back, Step Left next to Right, Step Right forward
1,2  Touch Left heel forward twice (1,2)
3&4  Step Left back, Step Right next to Left, Step Left forward
1/2 Turn Left, 1/4 Turn Left
5,6  Step Right forward & turn 1/2 left, Step Left in place
7,8  Step Right forward & turn 1/4 left, Step Left in place
Cross Over & Rock, Shuffle Step, Cross Over & Rock, Shuffle Step
1,2  Rock step Right forward & across Left, Step Left in place
3&4  Right shuffle to right (R,L,R)
5,6  Rock step Left forward & across Right, Step Right in place
7&8  Left shuffle to left (L,R,L)
Repeat Entire Sequence!

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