Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: Dwight Yoakam: Work Together
Counts: 22

1   Point right foot out to side
2   Bring right foot back in
3   Step right foot out to side
4   Slide left foot over to meet right
5   Point left foot out to side
6   Bring left foot back in
7   Step left foot out to side
8   Slide right foot over to meet left
9   Tap right heel forward
10   Tap right heel again
11   Tap right toe behind
12   Tap right toe again
13   Tap right heel forward
14   Tap right toe behind
15   Step on right foot to the side, toe pointing right, to make 1/4 turn to the right
16   Touch left toe out to left side
17   Step left foot infront of and across right
18   Touch right toe out to right side
19   Cross right foot in front of left and step on it
20   Step backwards on left foot
21   Step backwards with right foot to meet left foot
22   Hop (both feet) forward
repeat steps

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