Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: Joe Diffie: Honky Tonk Attitude
Counts: 32

1-3  Cha-Cha-Cha to the right (Quick left, right left steps)
4-6  Bring left behind right and rock step
7  Sidestep left with left foot
8  Pause
9-10  Lift heels off floor and down for two beats
11-14  Bring right foot in towad left (toe heel toe heel)
15-18  Left brush up (Left heel out, up to right knee, heel out, left home)
19-21  Right kick ball change (quick weight change, kick R, L home)
22-24  Three willies (distribute weight between L toe & R heel, twist to R)
25  Jump out - leaving feet apart
26  Jump in - crossing right foot over left
27  Jump out - leaving feet apart
28  Jump in - feet together in home position
29  Bring right foot behind left leg & slap right boot with left hand
30  Touch right toe to the side
31-32  Bring R foot in front of L leg, slap inside of R boot and 1/4 CCW and
  slap outside of R boot with R hand.

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