Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: Dion: The Wanderer
Eddie Rabbitt: The Wanderer
B-52's: Love Shack
Counts: 20

I. "Hitch" 4 counts
1&2  two shoulder level "hitching" to R with R thumb
3&4  two shoulder level "hitching" to L with L thumb
II. "Wave" 4 counts
1&2  two shoulder level circular "waving" to R with R hand
3&4  two shoulder level circular "waving" to L with L hand
III. "Roll" 8 counts (bend slightly at the waist)
1&2  roll hands in full circular motion on R side
3&4  repeat in middle
5&6  repeat on L side
7&8  repeat in middle
IV. "Hip, Hip/Hiney, Hiney" 4 counts
1  Slap R hand on L hip
2  Slap L hand on R hip
3  Place R hand on R rear/hold
4  Place L hand on L rear/hold
V. "Horn Sound" Jump/Clap 4 counts
1&2  raise both hands above head, pull both arms down two times making verbal "truck
  horn sound" -- "Woo-Woo"
3  Jump to R side making a 1/4 turn
4  Clap hands together

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