Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Fishing in the Dark
John Denver: Thank God I'm a Country Boy
Ken Mellons: Workin' for the Weekend
Counts: 22

Notes: Two Lines facing each other.
1-4  Vine left, hop to right foot.
  (Step left foot to the left, cross right behind left, step left to the left,
  switch weight to the right foot.)
5-8  Vine right, hop to left foot.
  (Step right foot to the right, cross left behind right, step right to the right,
  switch weight to the right foot.)
9-12  1/4 turn to right while left foot is still in mid-air and Vine left.
13-16  Hop right foot and then immediately spin around 3/4 to left.
17-19  Take 3 quick stomping steps (R L R) while traveling to other side.
20-22  Hop left foot, hop right foot, hop left foot.
Begin again

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