Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: Aaron Tippin: Ain't Nothing Wrong with the Radio
Counts: 38

1-4  Do two butterflies.
5-8  Two right heels forward, two right toes back.
9-12  Right heel forward, right toe back.
  Right heel forward, right to close.
13-14  Do one butterfly.
15-18  Do two left heels forward, do two left toes back.
19-22  Left heel forward, left toe back.
  Left heel forward, left hook over right.
  Left heel forward, left foot close beside right.
23-26  Right fan, left fan.
27-30  Step forward on left, hop on left foot.
  Step forward on right, hop on right foot.
  Step forward on left, hop on left foot.
31-34  Turn 1/4 to left, step on right foot.
  Stomp left beside right.
  Brush right foot, stomp right foot.
35-38  Stomp left foot, brush right foot.
  Stomp right foot, stomp left foot.
Begin Again.

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