Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: George Strait: Adalida (152)
Counts: 18

[Side Toe Points]
1  Right toe point out to right side
2  Bring right foot back in place
3  Left toe point out to left side
4  Bring left foot back in place
[Heel and Toe Taps]
5  Right heel tap front
6  Right heel tap front
7  Left toe tap back
8  Left toe tap back
9  Right heel tap front
10  Left toe tap back
[Step, Pivot, Cross, Point, Jump]
11  Step forward Right foot
12  Pivot 1/4 turn to right, as you point left toe, out to left side
13  Cross left foot over right,
14  Point right foot out to right side
[left jazz box]
15  Cross right over left
16  Step back on left
17  Step right beside left
18  Jump forward with both feet
Start over

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