Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: John Berry: Kiss me in the Car
Counts: 32

1-4  Strut forward: Left heel, left toe, Right heel, right toe.
5-8  Tap left heel forward, tap left toe out to side, Polka back left, right, left.
9-12  Tap right heel forward, tap right toe out to side, Polka back right, left, right.
13-16  Step forward on left foot, slide right foot behind left, step
  forward on left, scuff right next to left.
17-20  Step forward on right foot, pivot 1/2 turn to left, tap right
  toe next to left, scuff right heel.
21-24  Cross right foot over left rocking forward on right, rock
  back on left, rock forward on right, scuff left.
25-28  Cross left over right rocking forward on left, rock back on
  right, rock forward on left, scuff right.
29-32  Jazz Box 1/4 turn: Cross right over left, step back on left,
  step out on right making 1/4 turn to right, bring left
  together with a touch left.
Start over.

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