Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: Alan Jackson: I Don't Need the Booze to Get a Buzz On
Brooks & Dunn: Rock My World (Little Country Girl)
Brooks & Dunn: Heartbroke Out of My Mind
Counts: 52

1-4  Right heel out at 45 degree; back to close. Left heel out at 45 degree; back to close.
5-8  Right kick ball change, right kick ball change.
9-12  Vine right, ending with a brush.
13-16  Vine left, ending with a brush and 1/2 turn to the left.
17-20  Vine right ending with a brush.
21-24  Vine left ending with a brush.
25-28  Shuffle right forward. Shuffle left forward.
29-32  Right heel out at 45 degree angel.
  Right hitch w/right foot hooked around left calf - Turn 1/4 to the left.
  Kick right foot straight out in front.
33-36  Step back right, left, right, brush w/left.
37-40  Vine left with brush.
41-44  Rock forward on right. Rock back on left.
  Rock forward on right. Left brush.
45-48  Rock forward on left. Rock back on right.
  Rock forward on left. Stomp right.
49-52  Twist heels to the right, back to center, left, back to center.
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