Choreographed by: Steve Smith, Denim & Diamonds
Music: Steve Earle: Copperhead Road
Clint Black: Good Run of Bad Luck
Shania Twain: Any Man of Mine
Counts: 24

1-2  Tap right heel out in front and return to center.
3-4  Cross and touch left toe behind right foot and return to center.
5-8  Cross and touch right toe behind left foot, then grapevine right (right, left behind, right),
  pivot 1/4 turn to the right on the ball of your left foot.
9-10  Hitch left leg and do two chugs to the left on your right foot (a chug is a hop).
11-14  Grapevine left (left, right behind, left), then cross/hook right leg in front of your left and
  slap your right heel with your left hand.
15-18  Grapevine right (right, left behind, right), then cross/hook left foot behind right leg and
  slap left foot with right hand.
19-21  Step back left, step back right, then step forward on left foot.
22-24  Hitch right leg and chug forward once on left foot, then stomp right foot, then left foot.
Begin Again.

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