Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: Alan Jackson: Chasin' That Neon Rainbow
Marty Stuart: Easy to Love Hard to Hold
Alan Jackson: Don't Rock the Jukebox
Counts: 46

1-2  Buttermilk (Heels apart and back)
3-8  Right side, slap behind, side, slap front, side, home
9-10  Buttermilk
11-16  Left side, slap behind, side, slap front, side, home
17-19  Left grapevine
20  Scuff right heel
21  Step over (R over L)(Right is set down just to the L of left)
22-23  Rock weight L, R (Tilt your feet-lots of knee bend)
24  Unwrap L from behind R and scuff L
25  Step over (L over R)
26-27  Rock weight R, L
28  Unwrap R from behind L and scuff R
29-30  Step forward onto R, scuff L
31-32  Step forward L, scuff R
33-34  Step forward R, scuff L
35-37  Step back L-R-L
38  Brush out R
39-41  Start R grapevine, (R-L-R), but on 3rd step beat 41 pivot 1/4 turn CW
42  Put down L foot next to R
43  Step backwards L and pivot 1/4 turn CCW
44  R pivot 1/4 turn CCW
45  L pivot 1/4 turn CCW
46  Stomp R
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