Choreographed by: Susan & David Groeschel
Music: Archer Park: I Still Wanna Jump Your Bones (158)
David Lee Murphy: Can't Turn It Off (154)
Counts: 40
Type: 4 wall line dance - Intermediate

1-2  Fan BOTH toes inward
3-4  Fan BOTH toes outward (up on heels)
5-6  Point Right toe in toward left
7-8  Point Left toe in toward right
1-2  Point right toe over in front of left foot, point right toe to the right side
3-4  Repeat 1-2
5-6   Point left toe over in front of right foot, point left toe to the left side
7-8  Repeat 5-6
VARIATION: Swivel heels R, then toes R, heels, toes - Repeat back left (4 counts)
1-2  Step forward on right foot, bring left knee up
3-4  Step back on left foot, step back on right foot
5-6  Step forward on left foot, bring right knee up
7-8  Step back on right foot, step back on left foot
1-2  Bump hips to the right 2x's
3-4  Bump hips to the left 2x's
5-6  Roll hips in a circle (2 counts)
7-8  Roll hips in a circle (2 counts)
Variation: Roll R leg outward (2 counts), roll L leg outward (2 counts), roll R leg outward (1 count),
roll L leg outward (1 count), then with both feet hop forward 4x's quickly (2 counts)
1  Kick right foot forward (low)
2  Cross right over left foot (foot to now "locked" next to left, weight is on right)
3  Rock both feet WEIGHT SHIFTS TO LEFT (feet locked)
4  Rock both feet WEIGHT SHIFTS TO RIGHT FOOT (feet locked)
5  Tap Left heel to the left side
6  Kick right foot upward as you 1/4 turn RIGHT
7  Stomp forward on Left foot (facing new wall)
8  Stomp Right next to left

Also in the book 'Country Line Dance Collection' by Jorma Leitzinger Jr

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