Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: 2 Unlimited: Tribal Dance
Counts: 24

Forward Diagonal Step Right with Hip Shakes
1  Step forward diagonally right on right foot, and at same time shake hips forward right.
2  Shake hips forward right.
3  Shake hips backward left.
4  Shake hips backward left.
Backward Diagonal Step Right with Hip Shakes
5  Move right foot backward, so that it is back diagonally right, and shake hips right.
6  Shake hips right.
7  Shake hips left.
8  Shake hips left.
Grapevine Right
9-11  Three count grapevine right
  (step right foot to right, cross left foot behind right, step right foot to the right).
Left Foot Touches
12  Touch left foot forward.
13  Touch left foot out to side.
14  Touch left foot backward.
Grapevine Left
15-17  Three count grapevine left
  (step left foot to left, cross right foot behind left, step left foot to the left).
Two 1/2 Turn Pivots and 1/4 Pivot Turn
18  Step forward right.
19  Pivot 1/2 turn left.
20  Step forward right.
21  Pivot 1/2 turn left.
22  Step forward right.
23  Swing left leg in front of right as you pivot 1/4 turn right.
24  Step on left foot.
Begin Again.

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