Choreographed by: (unknown)
Music: Brooks & Dunn: Boot Scootin' Boogie
Counts: 44

Toe Twists, Touch Step & Kick
1-4  (To the left twist) Toes, Heal, Toes, Heal
5-8  (To the right twist) Heal, Toes, Heal, Toes
9  Step right touch
10  Step Left touch
11  Kick (with right foot)
12-13  Kick (again with right foot) Kick
Charleston step, Scoot, & Shuffle
14-16   Step back on right, touch left behind, step forward on left,
17  Scoot
18&19  Shuffle right,
20&21  Shuffle left
Turn, Shuffle, Scoot
22  Step right and turn 1/2 to your left
23&24  Shuffle right
25&26  Shuffle left
27-28  On left foot Scoot, scoot
Vines & Points
29-32  Vine right
33  Point left foot to 12 o'clock
34  Point left foot to 9 o'clock and slap
35-38  Vine left
39  Point left foot to 12 o'clock
40  Point left foot to 3 o'clock and slap
Step, Drag Step, & Stomp
41  Step right,
42  Drag left,
43  Step right 1/4 turn,
44  Stomp left foot
Helpful information:
Triple step/or Shuffle right
(1) quickly brush your right foot forward and step with your right foot,
(2) changing to your left foot, and
(3) back to your right foot.
(Use opposite foot work for left shuffle)
(This can also be done while moving backward)
Vine left
(1) step left foot out to left side,
(2) bring right foot behind left foot,
(3) step left foot out to left side.
Vine right
(1) step right foot out to right side,
(2) bring left foot behind right foot,
(3) step right foot out to right side.

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